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  • 2020-07-11

Viswanathan V


Employer Name: Out sourcing Technology Japan

Client location: Nippon Signal (Saitama, Japan)

Position: Bilingual Electrical Engineer 

JLPT Level: N3 level (pursuing N2) 


Our college introduced a different program called “Foreign language studies “ in my final year of engineering. 

Management chose “Japanese language” as a course, the language program was conducted by Uma Sensei From “ABK AOTS”. 

I joined the course as usual along with my friends , the language study was very hard for average  student as like me at initially  , but  The language class was very interesting with extra ordinary teaching skills,  motivation talks and how to enhance the language with new methods that made me a regular student of the class.
It changed the destiny of my life in all aspects which includes Job, confidence level.  

Couple of perfect examples are:

Immediately after leaving college I could secure a good decent job in Bangalore, it is dream for every engineering student . After that also journey continues with ABK AOTS CENTER, and it enhanced my life to a different level. 

At present I am working in Japan for reputed company, it is all because of the right foundation laid in my language studies. 

It created a balanced success  in my life.  It is all because of my beloved sensei  and ABK AOTS.

I am very lucky to be a student of my Sensei at ABK AOTS CENTER Once again thanks to  ABK AOTS CENTER for providing a wonderful start to my career.

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