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  • 2020-07-11

Ms. Savita Anirudh

Well into my 40’s, and a stay at home mother, wife and daughter-in-law, I wanted to to something different. 

Various suggestions came along and some included learning something new, you guessed it right – Japanese.

The key word here is learn and so, I enrolled at a coaching institute in Bangalore for N5. 

I took the classes with a great deal of determination and even greater trepidation wrote the exam.

I had a point to prove – somewhere down the line the “learning” element went out and I was determined to pass the exam to prove something to myself.

Well, pass I did, but realised that I had failed in my objective of learning the language.

I was determined to correct this deficiency and really learn Japanese. I was determined to find the guru who had the patience and understanding to teach me at my pace and level of grey matter. 

Here is where my classmate and me connected with Uma Sensei who has more than fulfilled all these attributes that I was looking for and more. 

Her teaching style is unique in terms of patiently explaining the nuances of grammar, pronunciation, sentence formation to enable us students to fully understand and appreciate the language. 

The study material and the revision books given by the institute is very comprehensive. All the quiz and mock tests conducted from time to time  trained me in managing time.

The classes are conducted in both the online and in-person modes, which is a boon for people like me who have to juggle emergencies at home and attend classes.

I take this opportunity to thank Uma sensei for her guidance and support through my journey in learning Japanese.

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