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  • 2020-07-08

Ms. Nivedhitha Raghavan

I have been a student of ABK AOTS ever since 2011 and have been benefited by ABK AOTS Bengaluru in many ways. 

Her way of teaching would make anyone fall in love with the language and eventually gain mastery over it. The first time I had come to know about learning Japanese Language was in 2011, when I had just joined B.Tech.

 I had cleared my N5 then and became enthusiastic in aspiring to pass higher levels. Little did I expect that the Company I had got placed, had opportunities in Japan. 

To my surprise, during the induction I was given an opportunity to pursue learning Japanese and eventually ended up with a Japanese Client. 

After cleaning JLPT N3, my company offered an Onsite Opportunity and I was deputed to Japan in 2018. I am pursuing my JLPT N2 currently. To me, getting posted at Onsite with just 2 years of Professional Experience is a great honor, which was only possible because of my Japanese Language Proficiency. I have been working for a native Japanese Insurance giant for 4 years now.

Today I can easily communicate, conduct presentations, have day to day conversations, travel easily in Japan, all because of my teacher’s motivation to keep upgrading ourselves in this competitive world and my drive to learn the language. All thanks to ABK AOTS. Forever Grateful to what and where I am in life today!

When you join the institute and start learning the language, Sensei’s way of teaching is so impressive, makes you feel so comfortable as if you’re having friendly meet ups, classes being structured in a way that it is informative and enjoyable at the same time. 

The land of Rising Sun is a marvellous country and it’s a must visit for everyone. I hope you study well and come out with flying colors. Will be very glad to see you sometime soon in Japan ???? 



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