• Posted by: admin
  • 2020-07-11

Ms. Deepa Ganesh


Pursuing N4 level at ABK-AOTS, Bengaluru Chapter. 

I am a homemaker and took up this course to expand my horizon.

It is a wonderful journey doing the course at ABK-AOTS. Their teaching methodology is very student friendly. There is a lot of constructive interaction between the teacher and students in the class. 

The teachers here are very friendly and take the time to clear the doubts patiently. We are encouraged to talk in Japanese to get comfortable with the language. 

Also, many teaching tools like flash cards, quiz, charts are used to develop an intuitive feel for the language.

Personally it is an eye opener to be studying in such an open environment, where I was encouraged to make mistakes, which allowed me to shed my hesitation and inhibition.

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