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  • 2020-07-08

Mayur Pawar


Company Name – Altiux Innovation (Client mtesNN )

Work Location  -Japan (Tokyo )

Designation – IoT Software domain – Technical Project Coordinator

Working in Japan requires a good understanding of Japanese Culture  & the Japanese language. Initially I was struggling & had fear about learning the Japanese language despite learning from other institutes.

After joining the Japanese course of ABK AOTS, I feel that it not only helps you for JLPT or any Japanese exams but also helps to apply your life experiences & understand Japanese culture with language.

Our mentor (Uma sensei) provides great encouragement & a perfect path for learning the Japanese language.
I feel that over the duration of the course it helped me to gain confidence in Speaking & Listening skills personally and professionally in Japan.This course exceeded my expectations significantly & I’ll definitely keep continuing learning higher levels.

Special Thanks to Uma sensei & ABK BOT

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