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  • 2020-07-08

M Dinesh

Employer Name: HCL Japan Ltd 

Client location: Kyoto, Japan

Position: Technical lead

JLPT Level: N2 level (pursuing N1)


I challenged myself to learn a new language and started learning Japanese during my third year of engineering studies with a dream of working in Japan.

With my hard work and proper guidance of Uma sensei I cleared up to N3 level with single attempt for each level. Sensei’s way of teaching helps me a lot to understand Japanese with ease and her motivation never let me stop learning.

As I thought, got placed in a MNC where I can work for Japanese clients. Even though so many seniors were in the team but my manager selected me for onsite since I’m fluent in Japanese. Yes, my dream came true.

Now I’m working in Japan for 4 years while enjoying the culture and good manners of Japanese people.

Thanks a million to Uma sensei and ABK AOTS, Bangalore

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