Ledger Services Pvt Ltd


When we initially approached Uma Sensei of ABK AOTS, Bangalore, we had our apprehensions about learning conversational Japanese in a short span of time and through an online medium. But the conviction of Sensei that it would not be as difficult and as time-consuming, as we envisaged, gave us the confidence to proceed. The teaching methodology, patience and understanding, zeal and professionalism has motivated us in learning Nihongo Kaiwa. 

Sensei has been kind in accommodating our busy schedules and still egging us unrelentingly at our Nihongo Kaiwa practice.  In the process, we have not only got an introduction into Nihongo but also learnt a lot about Japanese culture, practices and way of life.

“We, from Ledger Services, are a company comprising of Accounting professionals who felt the need to connect with our Japanese Clients and hence the thought of learning Nihongo, and Nihongo Kaiwa as a beginning in that endeavour.

The Sensei-Gakusei bond has been very special to us and we cherish the fun that we’ve had learning conversational Japanese.

We now look forward to meeting our Japanese clients with renewed vigor. 

Arigatou Gozaimasu Uma Sensei. Arigatou Gozaimasu ABK AOTS Bangalore.”


Team Ledger comprising of: 

J Vasanth Kumar


Vijanth Kumar





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