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Mrs. Uma Ramasubramanian

Ms. Uma Ramasubramanian

Director & Faculty



JLPT Certified Japanese Language teacher trained by Japan Foundation (Urawa) Japan

Career in Banking specializing in Customer Relations, PR

With a self-made trait within me from the beginning, I decided to learn and explore something beyond Banking and chose learning Japanese Language. The language and culture impressed me to a great extent that I started to get into it full time with passion.  

Combined with the passion for teaching, became a certified professional teacher in Japanese.

I was among a select few to get a scholarship from the Japanese Government to undergo an International Teachers Training Program at Japan Foundation, Urawa, Japan, sponsored by ABK AOTS Tamil Nadu , which facilitated easy and illustrative methodology in teaching Japanese. This exposure further honed my skills due to a good knowledge sharing environment with the teachers from all around the world. 

I have trained more than 1,000 students so far and many of my students have secured a successful career in Japan and India. Some of the companies where they are employed  in india are, HCL, Toshiba, Cognizant, TCS, Fujitsu, Oracle, Quest Global and Tech Mahindra, Mitsubishi, Amazon etc. 

Students placed in Japan in major corporates which include,  Nissan, Human Resocia Co.Ltd, Terumo, Nikkiso Co.Ltd (Aerospace) Orix Life Insurance, Toshiba etc. 

Their testimonials speak as to how their lives and careers have been transformed after learning Japanese Language.

Learning a foreign language gives a deep sense of inner satisfaction and a very “giving” feel. Through teaching, one can give value addition to both self and  learner through a `SHARING’ platform. It paves way for future generations to carve their own path.

Mastering a foreign language is very essential for survival in a Non-native region with ease. 

So Let’s Learn Japanese and embrace Japan culture! 



Mr. Ravi



Nihongo studies is extremely interesting and engrossing. After a long stint as a banker, I got very good exposure and training with ABK AOTS BENGALURU right from N5 right upto N3 level now. ABK AOTS helped me to sharpen my skills as a sensei.

Ms. Divya

Japanese Language Teacher, Specialist in Conversational Japanese, Interpretation and Translation

Ms. Lekha

Certified JLPT N3 level and pursuing N2 .
Japanese teacher (Sensei) at ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI- Bangalore chapter since 2019. 

Ms. Savitha

Having mentored several JLPT aspirants since 2021, I am adept in modifying my teaching style to cater to different student needs across different levels up till JLPT N3 level.With a background in Engineering, I have successfully completed my JLPT N2 level

Ms. Padma

BTech - Food Process Engineering.
MTech - Chemical Engineering Diploma in Japanese Language Certified JLPT N3