Ms Uma Ramasubramanian




JLPT Certified Japanese teacher trained by Japan Foundation (Urawa) Japan

In my opinion,  if  all our rich and educated people go and see Japan once, their eyes will be opened "             

- Swami Vivekananda 

With the rapid development of business relationship between India and Japan, the demand for professionals and users knowing Japanese language has gone up, raising the need for high-quality Japanese Language education.

Hence in the endeavour of empowering the students to succeed in their mission of learning the Japanese Language, we teachers at Japanese Language institutes are constantly working at continual improvement on teaching methodology, engaging curriculum and various effective tools in teaching by undergoing appropriate training.

My role as a Director of ABK AOTS (Bangalore) is to keep ourselves updated on the latest research and trends between the two countries, continuously examine our methodology of providing quality teaching and learning for each student thereby raising the professional standard of our school.

We devise programs which are flexible, designed according to the need of each sector of students, depending on their styles and learning capabilities.

We are equipped with a dedicated, passionate team of teachers, who are constantly working on building the confidence and raising capabilities of the students by using innovative techniques, rich resources, proven strategies and high-quality programs.

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Ms. Vishvatharani Nagaraj


I’m so glad that i got introduced to Japanese learning with ABK AOTS back in 2013 while studying Engineering.  The sessions were always interactive. Uma sensei’s way of teaching will make everyone learn the language at ease. Apart from teaching, the follow up sessions were very helpful . The periodical spot tests checking our understanding… Read more “Ms. Vishvatharani Nagaraj”

Ms. Deepa Ganesh

  Pursuing N4 level at ABK-AOTS, Bengaluru Chapter.  I am a homemaker and took up this course to expand my horizon. It is a wonderful journey doing the course at ABK-AOTS. Their teaching methodology is very student friendly. There is a lot of constructive interaction between the teacher and students in the class.  The teachers… Read more “Ms. Deepa Ganesh”

Ms. Sowmya

Associate cloud Engineer, Outsourcing Inc., in Japan JLPT level – N3 cleared. Pursuing N2 Initially I started with no interest.  Gradually, I couldn’t stop falling for the language.  The main reason being the way it was taught to us. I Can’t thank Uma sensei enough for giving us the best always and instilling in me… Read more “Ms. Sowmya”

Ms. Revathi Loganathan 

working as Japanese billungual coordinator @ Techmahindra pvt Limited. completed JLPT N3, currently pursuing JLPT N2 level. Thank you for letting me to share my gratitude to the institute which enabled me to travel to the country I dreamed of, namely Japan. I had a wonderfully enriching learning experience in ABK AOTS Bangalore. When I… Read more “Ms. Revathi Loganathan “

Ms. Ramya Subbiah

Home maker living in Tokyo, Japan   As a beginner, I started learning Japanese in ABK-AOTS.  ABK-AOTS introduced me to the Japanese language in a simple and easy way and the study material they have shared is very useful. From ABK-AOTS, I learned not only Japanese Language and also about Japanese Culture.  As a housewife, it… Read more “Ms. Ramya Subbiah”


Cognizant tech solutions JLPT N4 – pursuing N3 with ABKAOTS I love to study under Uma sensei as she always motivates us. Her revision material at the end of course IS very helpful. I believe that is a clincher to clear the exam. She puts efforts to teach even every single kotoba, kanji. I acquired… Read more “Murali”

Uday Kumar 

 Onsite lead Engineer,  IJBridge Engineering KK Client : Yamaha Corporation Japan Learning Experience with ABK-AOTS :  I am so happy to say that I was part of ABK-AOTS Dosokai since 2013. An organization provides a great language training to their students. The teaching methods are best and unique. The way the teachers take responsibilities and putting efforts for each… Read more “Uday Kumar “

Archana K S

Current Position: Project Manager in Bosch India Pvt Ltd JLPT Level: Completed L3  I am attending N4 classes with Lekha sensei in ABK AOTS . I have taken the best decision of taking Skype classes with her. The study material, revision books of ABK AOTS are very good. Sensei gives personal attention to each one… Read more “Archana K S”

Mayur Pawar

お疲れ様です Company Name – Altiux Innovation (Client mtesNN ) Work Location  -Japan (Tokyo ) Designation – IoT Software domain – Technical Project Coordinator Working in Japan requires a good understanding of Japanese Culture  & the Japanese language. Initially I was struggling & had fear about learning the Japanese language despite learning from other institutes. After… Read more “Mayur Pawar”

Ms. Meghna Bhatt –  Student

Meeting Uma Sensei ended my search for a good Japanese teacher in Bangalore. Her years of experience in teaching Japanese and extensive knowledge makes her class well-structured and engaging.  She has a holistic approach to teaching which is not limited to JLPT or NAT tests but provides the student an invaluable journey through Japanese culture… Read more “Ms. Meghna Bhatt –  Student”

M Dinesh

Employer Name: HCL Japan Ltd  Client location: Kyoto, Japan Position: Technical lead JLPT Level: N2 level (pursuing N1)   I challenged myself to learn a new language and started learning Japanese during my third year of engineering studies with a dream of working in Japan. With my hard work and proper guidance of Uma sensei… Read more “M Dinesh”

Ms Sivaranjani B

Software Engineer,Tech Mahindra Limited,JLPT Level – N4 Even though I joined ABK AOTS on my own interest , the way they teach and care the students for their personal improvement in language made me motivated to learn the language and now that has taken me to heights and the etiquettes they taught me helped to… Read more “Ms Sivaranjani B”

Ms. Savita Anirudh

Well into my 40’s, and a stay at home mother, wife and daughter-in-law, I wanted to to something different.  Various suggestions came along and some included learning something new, you guessed it right – Japanese. The key word here is learn and so, I enrolled at a coaching institute in Bangalore for N5.  I took… Read more “Ms. Savita Anirudh”

Ledger Services Pvt Ltd

  When we initially approached Uma Sensei of ABK AOTS, Bangalore, we had our apprehensions about learning conversational Japanese in a short span of time and through an online medium. But the conviction of Sensei that it would not be as difficult and as time-consuming, as we envisaged, gave us the confidence to proceed. The… Read more “Ledger Services Pvt Ltd”

Ms. Bhargavi Vivekanand

Home maker residing in Japan,  knowing Japanese language would be the greatest possession.  When I stepped onto this world of Japanese, the fabulous faculty team of ABKAOTS Bangalore has made my learning experience easier, interesting and enjoyable. Lekha Sensei‘s teaching method has cultivated more interest to understand the nuance of the language and their culture… Read more “Ms. Bhargavi Vivekanand”

Viswanathan V


  Employer Name: Out sourcing Technology Japan Client location: Nippon Signal (Saitama, Japan) Position: Bilingual Electrical Engineer  JLPT Level: N3 level (pursuing N2)    Our college introduced a different program called “Foreign language studies “ in my final year of engineering.  Management chose “Japanese language” as a course, the language program was conducted by Uma… Read more “Viswanathan V”

Ms. Nivedhitha Raghavan

I have been a student of ABK AOTS ever since 2011 and have been benefited by ABK AOTS Bengaluru in many ways.  Her way of teaching would make anyone fall in love with the language and eventually gain mastery over it. The first time I had come to know about learning Japanese Language was in… Read more “Ms. Nivedhitha Raghavan”

Ms. Mithra Ravichandran


Data Scientist & Rakuten Japan JLPT Level – N2 I had a great experience learning Japanese at ABK Bangalore. Each and every class is well planned. I not only got the theory knowledge but also the experience of Japan culture and Japanese language usage in everyday life. All the more, I should definitely mention that Uma… Read more “Ms. Mithra Ravichandran”

Rakesh Murugan

Sr Engineer (Industry Sales) JLPT Level 4 Each language is another personality and has its own distinctive way of expressing ideas. Learning a language is not only limited to studying grammar or vocabulary. You learn also about the culture, traditions and their way of thinking. ABK AOTS Dosokai does this all concurrently during the course… Read more “Rakesh Murugan”

Ganesh Babu

Professional Architect I was always fascinated by Kanji’s and I was very fortunate to find Uma Sensei of ABK AOTS and enrolled for a kaiwa class.  Uma Sensei, the Director of Bangalore Chapter is an adept teacher and possesses all the qualities required to teach the language.  Although I did not have any aim of… Read more “Ganesh Babu”

Karthi T

Senior Associate for Ernst & Young LLP, Bangalore.  Pursing JLPT level N5 at ABK AOTS, Bangalore chapter.   I have really enjoyed learning Japanese with ABK AOTS. I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese but taking a language class was challenging with my schedule.  However, ABK AOTS has changed that. I’m a busy working person and I… Read more “Karthi T”

Ms. Oviya

Business Analyst at Molex Japan LLC Located in Japan. Japanese proficiency : JLPT N1 My experience with ABK AOTS: It is the best place to study Japanese without any second thoughts ! The teachers are all very friendly, professional and helpful. Their classes are super organized and well prepared and interactive. I still remember the… Read more “Ms. Oviya”

Ms. Anjali kulkarni

Synechron Japan (Client Asurion )  Tokyo Automation QA engineer As Japanese is one of the toughest language to understand and learn, as a beginner that fear was always there in my mind..  But after joining ABK-AOTS  (Specially Uma Sensei)  for JLPT N5 level  now I feel learning Japanese is not that tough.. I feel more… Read more “Ms. Anjali kulkarni”

Ms .Cynthia Rajan

Work from home – Home Maker JLPT- N4 ABK AOTS is the best in industry and the way they have designed the teaching is simply awesome . They give enough time for revision too and this helps clearing the exam smoothly. The instructors are approachable, loaded with knowledge and always ready to help. Though I… Read more “Ms .Cynthia Rajan”