Conversation Courses

1   Basic Conversation Course  (presently handled by faculty, residing in Japan for 14 years)

Do you want to

~ quickly launch yourselves into your new Japanese project? 

~ Go onsite on business or Official purpose?

~ Interact with the native Japanese for personal or official purpose?

Then this might be the course for you, to begin with. 

This is a 50-hour course for only conversation (no script) which introduces Japanese Lifestyle and culture and teaches how to interact in various real life situations like,

~  Introducing yourselves to Japanese counterpart

~  Talk about your work, family, hobbies,  social interaction

~  Ask for directions

~  To go for outdoor shopping comfortably communicating in Japanese.


2  Intermediary to Advance conversation course (presently handled by faculty, residing in Japan for 14 years)

~   Do you want to expand your business in the Japanese market?

~   Do you want to lead a project team with the Japanese counterpart? 

~   Do you want to strengthen your conversational skills to enhance your job opportunities?

~  Do you need a course through which you can comfortably participate in daily life situations, attend telephonic interview with Japanese, set up business meetings etc.

Then, this intermediary to advance level of conversation course might be the right course for you.

Both the above conversation courses can be customised according to client’s requirement in terms of area of interest and course duration.